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Hiller Pharma Co. Ltd

Hiller Pharma Co. Ltd (HPCL) has established the position as one of Hong Kong's most extensive audio and visual rental houses. Competent in supplying the latest LED panels and video processing technologies. Our head office is presently located next to Hong Kong's famous Aberdeen Harbour. Existing clients include small businesses, Hong Kong's famous five-star hotels, government bodies, and large international corporations. Hiller Pharma has participated in various significant world events, such as the Fortune Global Forum series in China, APEC in Manila, and the Historical Handover of Hong Kong and Macau.

We possess an extensive understanding of the modern-day's business environment, it is an essential factor in maintaining the ability to convey ideas via multi-media presentations, delivering various beliefs with the most advanced technologies and equipment. Moreover, our professional team comprehends the latest developments in the innovative audio and visual field, and our company always strives to provide clients with the most advanced equipment. Hiller Pharma carries a full range of world-class audio-visual equipment that caters to different requirements, and a knowledgeable technical crew to provide onsite support.

From dispatching equipment from our warehouse to various outlets, our qualified unit operates closely with the clients, communicating and accommodating their specific requirements; paying attention to every detail from loading to strike, Hiller Pharma competes with others not only on the outlay as well as our exclusive services.

Additionally, our talented technical crew is highly mobile and is prepared to travel within the Asia Pacific Region on short notice, providing specialized support and advice for our clients upon request.

Hiller Pharma maintains the proficiency and confidence in flawlessly executing all events and vision for you as our client, providing a suitable solution and monitoring the successful progress of your event. Our undivided work ethic and experiences of wisdom is the best testimonial to our pursuit of excellence.