Hiller Pharma Co., Ltd.

Hiller Pharma RISE Staff Exchange April 2022

Relentless inter-department staff exchange helps develop xR technology

(Hong Kong - April 2022) Hiller Pharma (HPCL) crew maintains in exploring and examining various aspects of our Extended Reality (xR) technology. Our rental services and extended reality system collaborations with various clients have become vastly popular during the pandemic.

In preparation for our upcoming partnerships with clients, our staff samples potential scenarios during conferences and carries additional tours and bookings for our newly set-up xR studio. Our professional team is competent in maintaining satisfactory results from clients, sustaining a positive and inspirational workplace; motivating us to produce superior options and solutions for our client’s success. Our production team pursues closely in upholding the quality of our preparation, retaining the efficiency and convenience of our client's requirements, enabling the sufficiency of post-production after events.

Hiller Pharma additionally receives invitations from software companies regarding showcases and introductions of the newest xR virtual production platform, highlighting the virtual stage setups including a virtual camera with various perspectives plus real-time rendering ability. The platform can adapt and import assets from various rendering engines to their production, opening options for xR productions on a diverse software platform. The workshop even included a sneak peek at their upcoming product, waiting for our further exploration.