Hiller Pharma Co., Ltd.

Hiller Pharma RISE Staff Exchange March 2022

Relentless inter-department staff exchange explores xR potential

(Hong Kong - March 2022) Hiller Pharma (HPCL) analyzes the inquiries and trends on Extended Reality (xR); focusing on additional clients’ demands. We are determined to sufficiently communicate and comprehend all our units' visions and ideas, investing in our employee's technical advancement. Our team assembled a forum called "RISE"; competent in accessing the current technology available while inviting professionals from various locals to hold discussions, and research with testing.

Evaluating our global situation and the impacts of the pandemic, we predicted a considerable number of clients decided to pursue additional ways regarding their projects preferably than canceling or delaying their events. Hiller Pharma pushes the limit in operating under the new norm, carrying traditional events to other mediums and platforms. We captured the opportunities in assisting, elevating events, and launching a different experience to better suit each occasion to clients’ desired effects without sacrificing quality.

Our elevated LED panels P2.38 tier have been vastly populated and used on the xR stage settings, introducing a new processor bringing 10-bit 4:4:4, wider color range, higher contrast ratio, and faster refresh rate. A new video management platform (VMP) provides different and faster options for LED screen mapping while sizes with options are available for clients in different locations and functions. Ensuring sufficient space for presenters and guests' movement around the xR stage and additional events that needed modification of scenery on LED walls.

Along with other hardware updates, Hiller Pharma invited software technicians from additional companies to our studio in collaboration with topics including cluster rendering. Our unit further explores the limitations of media servers on sync performances, customizing video mixer formats for various scenarios, and using previous projects and upcoming cases to sample versatile output methods and results.

We are persistent with our client's requirements while operating under the new norm, Hiller Pharma is determined in helping create relations. We have professionally tested and analyzed our online conference software for its layout composition and diverse designs; corresponding to our clients’ needs. Additionally referencing forums from other countries; provides clients with more options regarding solutions and effectiveness of the event's production and layout.